Saturday, 18 December 2010


Final Touch- Initially i wanted to make this elf look like he was concentrating hard on putting the last piece of a toy together, but i like the magical side of just adding that final touch* I'm not quite sure why, but I've started paying attention to light sources and shadows lately. I'm liking what its adding to my work... atmospheric.

The final project before Christmas was to come up with a set of illustrations for one of 6 or 7 books. I went with, 'The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe'. the title pretty much sums up what the books about. I did 6 oil painting styley digital images, this isn't my fav', but i only have time to post one (slow laptop) and this one seems most appropriate for the festive season!

Sketchbook updates...

FAT SCULPTURES -Sketches from the V&A- Also saw Shadow Chasers, an exhibition of camera-less photography. Personally liked the stuff by Floris Neususs.

I was stuck on the M25 for nearly 3 hours!

Was watching Olly Murs Revealed... this was his producer.

Edgware Rd...

Did some reportage on Edgware rd, then we were asked to submit 2 final images for an exhibition. Got both pieces into the exhibition, but didnt sell anything :S Think they would have done better if i'd submitted some originals, but time wasnt on my side!

Was relatively happy with them but not entirely, but i wont bore you with that part, i've got the best part of 3 years to get good!