Monday, 1 November 2010


I didn't get to draw as much as I would have liked in S.E Asia, but I've got some photos I still haven't had developed yet, which Im planning on using to make a few more illustrations.

Fiji, is what you imagine when you think of Paradise.

The people are so chilled out, at the airport there was literally about 20 security staff just sat chatting in the waiting hall for nearly an hour! Fiji tiiiime!

Tinie Tempah Cartoon

I developed this guy into a final Illustration, I'll find it and whack it up soon!

From Bangkok airport, were i had to spend 12 hours waiting for my flight home!

2 of the developed pieces from Cambodia.

These were just a few drawings from my journals, I'm saving the rest for my autobiography :p If you ever get a chance to visit a new country or place definitely take it!!!


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